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Title : 60, Unite For Children
Publisher : APAG editions

Number of pages : 180

Size : 19 x 27 cm

Cover :Square and stitched backs.
Mat lamination with selected varnish.

Languages : French / English

ISBN-13 : 978-2-9526552-1-7

Nota Bene : The totality of the profit from the book’s sell will be given to UNICEF.

30 €
Book summary
Featuring the work of Adhemas Batista, Jon Burgerman, Niko Stumpo, Tokyoplastic, The Ronin, MK12, Tokidoki, Joshua Davis, The Hejz, Arthur de Pins...

First execution of the "60 Unite For Children" 's project, this anthology is a collective work with more 60 artists.

Through 180 pages, you will discover various creations, some of them will be abstract, others more explicit; some will be radiant, others dark and pessimistic. Given that each artwork corresponds to the picture its author has of the world, it is obvious that all of them cannot reflect every artist’s ideal.

We wanted to add a "philosophical aspect"; so we invited each artist to express their feeling about their work. Almost each work comes with a short text from its author.